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best chicken jerky dog treats

What Our Customers are Saying...

"I have two dogs under the age of one. We are working on training usually everyday and I needed to find a treat that was healthy and something appealing to my dogs. These dog jerky treats are a total hit! Even better they're made in the USA and they are not full of filler ingredients. I just break them apart for longer training sessions. They break easily and are a nice texture. The dogs really love these and I know they are healthy, quality treats that I'm providing for my pups. They are seriously crazy about these treats and look forward to training when I pull out the bag. I totally recommend these for dog and cat owners." - Summer

"My dog went wild for his new treats... Made mainly from chicken and all natural products it had a nice smell and soft texture to it... even my teenage son tried it.. Lol I'm very picky on what I give my dog cuz he is like one of my kids and Loyal Paw treats hit the nail on the head... I will be ordering again." - Gabriela V.

"I surprised my dog with these treats after trimming her nails (she hates that!). I bought them because they were are natural and was wary to if my dog would like them or not. I have bought all natural treats in the past and she turned her nose up at them. She ate the first piece of jerky so fast, I just had to record her excitement on the second piece! She highly recommends them, ha!" - Missy

"These are the BEST treats I've found for my furbaby, Bella! First, they honestly look delicious! I love that they are made in the USA!! They don't feel yucky or greasy! And they don't stink! I'm telling you thee treats are AWESOME! Bella absolutely loves them! I say "treat" and I don't care what she's doing, she stops and looks at me til I give get one!! It's SO cute!! And come in very handy! Lol. These treats have gone beyond my expectations! All I know is I will be buying more because my Bella loves them!! They are worth every single penny!! I highly recommend this to all pet owners!! You will not regret it, I promise!" - Jewels

"Because of all of the dog food recalls in the past few years, I have been being very careful with what we feed our dogs. I found these and was so happy that they were only one ingredient - chicken! I also was very pleased to see that they are made in the USA! They are very easy to break apart, so that a little goes a long way with training. I have very stubborn dogs & they will decide they don't want to learn anymore tricks but with these treats, they all learn VERY quickly! I was so excited to actually have them listening to me for once, that I am almost out already! Time to order more." - Loni K.

"I have 4 of the pickiest little dogs on the planet so finding healthy treats that they will actually eat is quite the challenge... These Premium Chicken Jerky Treats by Loyal Paws have become the go to snack for all 4 dogs, they love them. They are made of 100% chicken with no added anything so I feel good giving them to my dogs also they are made in the USA which is a huge plus. The package lasts a long time because we just break them into small pieces and give them as rewards. Definitely would recommend to any dog owner that has picky little eaters!" - Kay C.

"Our dogs just love these all natural Chicken jerky treats from Loyal Paws!
I'm always looking for all natural, dye free dogs treats because one of our dogs has a very sensitive belly, and can’t hold down anything with dyes in it, so these are perfect for her. She hasn’t been sick once since I got this bag of treats.
I love that they are all natural, nothing added at all, just straight up chicken!
These are a really nice quality dog treat, at a great price." - Jinne

"I can say in all honesty this have to be the best dog treats on the market! My 13 year Border Collie loves, loves,loves them. Their actually very cool looking because they resemble a finely shaved piece of chicken breast. I took a piece and held it up to the light and it certainly looks just like chicken breast. I feel really good about feeding my guy these treats cause their ALL natural!! I highly recommend them for any dog or cat even!!! - Brenda K.

"Premium dog jerky traeats are good tasting for your dog and they will love them. I feel better about giving these treats to my dog as they are made with all natural ingredients and are better for him than most other treats that I usually buy. And given all of that, he really likes the taste of them. These are really a great treat for my special guy." - Lynne

"My dog loved these. He is very picky with his eating. It's hard to find anything other than human food that he will eat.
I have bought many different treats and he refused to eat them. He is our baby now all the kids are grown and gone. These are all natural so I don't have to worry about chemicals in his food." - J.P.

"Athena and Callie LOOOOOVE these jerky treats! Athena is usually really patient to sit for treats... Not these! She wants them and she wants them now (as seen in the photo where she's trying to steal Callie's out of my hand). Callie has a really sensitive stomach and doesn't have any issues with these." - Cassie L.

"I truly love this. My complaint is I can't find a bigger bag. I have a rescue than we give/were giving milkbones too. I tried the rawhindes and pig ears and they all made her sick. She ate the whole bag with out getting sick. ( not at the same time)." - Lynn T.

Lip Smackin' Treats Made in the USA!

Astro LOVES his Loyal Paws treats!

Your Dog Will Do More Tricks for Treats!

Ben is a rockstar with his tricks!

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